The Wessex Economics team are intent on pioneering new solutions to the challenges our society faces. We are willing to devote our own expertise and time to initiatives that can promote wellbeing at the local level.

Currently the team is thinking about a number of initiatives that address housing, employment and social issues. Each has to be implemented at the local level, but, once the business model is proven, could be replicated in different parts of the country.

Care and Share

An initiative to link older people living in large properties who seek some element of companionship and help with tasks around the house, with younger adults who would be prepared to provide such support in return for accommodation at a reduced or reasonable rent.

Build and Train

An initiative to establish a pilot scheme showing how adults aged 25-35 could come together to build their own homes, using a modular housing solution; and in the process develop project management and trade skills. The homes developed might be temporary or permanent depending on the terms on which land is made available.

Using vacant space wisely

La Convivalite is a project proposal to use vacant space in town centres for pop-up caf├ęs and bars. These would be run by charitable organisations that provide training and a convivial place to meet for a meal or a drink and linger without the pressure to spend or drink to excess.