Our Sevices

Wessex Economics specialises in the ‘out of the ordinary’. The assignments we undertake address unusual challenges, or present unusual opportunities. This is where Wessex Economics can add the most value.

Our projects require the ability to think creatively, but to base action on sound analysis. Fundamentally our aim is to make things happen where they would not otherwise happen.

Each individual commission we undertake is unique, because clients are different; and because each region, city, town or community is unique. We tailor what we do to your requirements.

Frequently we are appointed because of the breadth of knowledge of the team members across economic development, housing and regeneration. We understand the inter-relationship of people, workforce, skills, jobs, transport, households, incomes, homes and the environment.

But so you get a flavour of the sort of projects we specialise in, here is a list of services

  • Economic development, regeneration and housing strategies
  • Project development, funding bids and project appraisals
  • Socio-economic and market analysis
  • Evidence for planning applications – economic and social impact analysis
  • Development market analysis and viability
  • Making the best use of existing resources eg affordable housing
  • Expert witness services

If you have a project just give us a call or drop us an email, and we will give you an honest answer if it something we can do well. If it is not for us, we will be happy to advise you of who we think would do a good job for you.